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Why Choose Robert Mackay - as your Regina Real Estate Lawyer ?

Dabbling in real estate law can be dangerous. Were you aware that approximately one third of the complaints against lawyers happen over real estate law related matters? Things often happen quickly and the potential liability can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. So practicing in this area of law is not for the faint of heart.


Trusted Regina Real Estate Lawyer

To minimize the potential for problems hire someone who does real estate law, all-the-time. My preferred area of practice is Regina real estate and approximately 80 - 90% of my practice focuses on real estate transactions.


One of the first things many people do after buying a property is to obtain a couple estimates. Do yourself a favor, get those estimates in writing and ask a Trusted Regina real estate lawyer for help. Often one estimate appears to be so much lower than another but then when the final tally is done it turns out the actual cost is so much more. Written estimates help avoid these kinds of surprises.

The fees we quote are competitive and, as your Regina real estate lawyer, we do not charge extra to answer questions, explain documents or for "attempted" phone calls to you--yes, some firms charge for this!

Price should not be your only consideration though when you need the kind of real estate lawyer Regina residents recommend. Maybe one estimate is actually lower but what someone saves on legal fees often pales in comparison to the peace of mind and real dollars in savings that you can get by receiving good advice.  


We are Trusted Regina Lawyers

In 2013 we were nominated to , who look for locally accountable businesses that offer excellent service. I feel strongly that being trustworthy is the cornerstone of good business, so we applied to join. After passing the Trusted verification process, which included a personal survey of past clients, confirmation of qualifications and other checks we were then contracted to uphold Trusted Guarantees.


  • Provide the service and quality promised. 
  • Complete the job on time. 
  • Charge the price quoted with NO surprises. 
  • Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs. 
  • Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind. 

Business that fail to meet the requirements are not accepted, and businesses that do not uphold their contracts are removed. Read what they had to say about us in this article .

Find out more about Trusted Regina here  


Another advantage to hiring my office is that I have a trained team behind me. You can avoid one of the more common complaints about the average real estate lawyer Regina has to offer - that they are unavailable for phone calls. The advantage to you is that any one of my assistants is generally available to answer your questions. In other words, while I try to make myself readily available, should I happen to be on the phone or in a meeting with other clients at the time of your call, one of my assistants can answer your questions or otherwise make every effort to find an answer to your question forthwith.

Furthermore, my real estate team does everything that it can to ensure that nothing gets missed. The first paper processed on every file is a checklist of the things to be done. The list is constantly re-evaluated, revised and updated.



We are available for lunch hour and after-hour appointments--so you don’t have to take time off work to sign the papers. We even provide off-location or out-of-office signings.

We schedule a full hour for signing and explaining documents. We want to ensure that you understand what you are signing and that you are not rushed. This ensures you have enough time to ask questions, and we use the Land Titles Online Submission System-which reduces errors and delays.

My office educates and encourages clients to obtain title insurance versus just obtaining a lender policy when there is no surveyor's certificate. This is important because it offers broader protection that a lawyer's traditional opinion on title; it protects against frauds and forgeries in the chain of title and after closing (something an average Regina real estate lawyer does not offer or provide); it provides further protection on the most significant asset most people ever own; it is a no-fault non deductible policy for twice the value of the property; it provides protection as long as you own the property and in certain circumstances even after death of one of the owners.

When you leave our office after signing papers, you will have a copy of all the documents that you signed-instead of having to wait weeks or months to receive your copy in the mail.

We can provide a Real Estate Lawyers Checklist to anyone requesting it. It is designed to facilitate your decision making process by providing more detailed information about the process.

Hire me if you want a Regina real estate lawyer to do more than just show you where to sign your name.

Let me and my team take care of you and your Regina Real Estate transaction.



Professional Career

Presently, a partner at MacKay & McLean Law Firm

Focusing on residential real estate


1995 LL. B. University of Saskatchewan

1991 B. A. University of Saskatchewan (Psychology, Economics)

1987 Grade 12 Diploma from Luther College, Regina, Saskatchewan

Community Involvement

1997 - 2001 Terrific Kids Program at Imperial School

1996 - present Regina Kiwanis Club, Past President, Past Vice President

1996 - 2002 Member of Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan

1996 - present Member of Law Society of Saskatchewan

1997 Gold medals at Sask Open and Moose Jaw Open Judo Tournaments

1996 Silver medal Sask Open Judo Tournament

1993 Lung Association: asthma camp counselor

Hobbies & Interests



Judo & Jiu Jitsu